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Our 24-hour sign repair company has been delivering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services since 1990 in NY.

Additional Sign Related Services in NYC

At Metro Sign Services, we do more than just repairing signs. We are a full service sign company with experience providing countless sign services throughout NYC and the rest of New York and New Jersey. Our team can provided many other sign related services for you, including:

While we’re always here to fix any damage that may have happened to your company’s sign in NYC, these other three important services are also available for anyone that needs help with signs and advertising.

Sign Repair Experts in NYC

Signs are extremely important factors to a company’s marketing plan. If you don’t have an attention-grabbing sign outside, you could easily miss out on a lot of business that ends up going to competitors. At Metro Sign Services, we respect how vital signs are to your company, which is why we offer the following services.

Sign Creation in NYC

We are experts in sign fabrication. We can create all types of signs in nearly all colors on almost any material. We create larger signs like billboards and truck wraps, as well as smaller signs like door numbers and plaques, as well as everything in between.

Our company has professional designers who will work with you one-on-one to understand the unique qualities of your brand that must come out in the sign. They have years of experience to draw upon for recommending ideas as well.

Sign Permits in New York City

Even on your own property, you can’t simply install a sign wherever you like. Every district in NYC has their own zoning laws that dictate what kinds of signs are permissible. The same goes for billboards and other forms of advertising you may use offsite.

Due to our years of experience with signs throughout New York City, we can walk you through the entire process, ensuring the right permits are secured so you avoid expensive fines and other legal problems.

Parking Lot Lighting Installation

If your business has a parking lot on the property, you need sufficient lighting for it too. Metro Sign Services professionals can tell you how many lights you need and show you where we should install them so your customers have no problem finding their way around or feeling safe at night.

For any lighting services in NYC you need, please give us a call at 718-476-1900. We love showing new customers how easy it is to get the kinds of lighting their company needs.

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Customer Reviews

Metro Signs is a great sign repairing company in NYC. There has never been a time where the Metro Signs teams have not been more than helpful. They know how to repair Neon signs with in no time. Very Quick service they have I get repaired my sign in an Hour. Highly recommended.

- David Rob