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Retractable awnings are popular across New York City. You’ll find them in front of restaurants to expand the restaurant seating area, or in front of a variety of stores that are vying for your attention. Frequently, these awnings are open during the day (or during bad weather) and closed at night or whenever they are not in use.

Yet as convenient as retractable awnings may be, they are also prone to damage. Some common problems that affect retractable awnings include:

  • Harsh winds, rain, and show damaging the arms of the awning.
  • Physical damage from accidents or even petty vandalism.
  • Rust that develops over time and hinders the frame’s movement.

It doesn’t take much for a retractable awning to break or fail to work properly, and when this occurs, it helps to have a trained retractable awning repair specialist at your fingertips. That’s what we provide at Metro Sign Services – affordable awning repair and awning removal services throughout NY and NJ.

Retractable Awning Damages

One of the main reasons retractable awnings in NYC are so popular is because they’re extremely easy to use. Although the materials they’re made from may differ between models, the mechanics are generally the same: a framework (often made of aluminum) holds in place the material that provides shelter. Manual versions are opened or closed by turning a crank whereas electric ones need nothing more than the push of a button.

The framework is only capable of supporting a specific, limited amount of weight. Even a storm that simply lasts too long can be enough to weigh it down to the point of bending a beam, and a gust of strong wind can bend or damage the metal that holds the awning together. Something as simple as a minor bend that is hardly noticeable can keep the awning from working correctly and may lead to further damage if left unfixed.

Problems with Electronic Arms

If your NYC awning is open and closed electronically, there are other reasons it could stop working correctly. The telescopic arms that are often used with these models introduce moving parts that can be quite fragile. The hydraulic operation is also vulnerable. All of these can be difficult to fix without the right tools and training.

New York City Retractable Awning Repair Services

At Metro Sign Services, we understand how important an awning is to your business. Restaurants require these awnings for the comfort of their customers, and other businesses often find that the awnings provide a sign that clients seek out in order to find their business.

That’s why we offer affordable and efficient retractable awning repair in NYC and awning light maintenance in NJ. Give us a call and we’ll send one of our experienced technicians to your property within 24 hours. They’ll diagnose the problem, explain it to you, and then handle repairs right away so you can get back to seating customers outside. To speak with one of our experienced NY retractable awning repair service professionals, contact us today at 718-476-1900.

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