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Sign Cabinet and LightBox Sign Repairing & Maintenance

In NYC, signs are constantly fighting for your attention. NYC businesses rely on signs, especially at night, to make sure that customers notice your business and enter your property, and most of those signs are lighted signs that brighten the New York and New Jersey skyline and are designed to attract people from all around the area. Metro Sign Services offer Light Box Sign Repair In NYC. Popular examples include:

These signs are a great way to advertise your company or storefront. But they are also signs that need to repair and maintained regularly. If your lighted signs are having any types of problems, call Metro Sign Services today and we’ll come to fix it right away.

Lighted Sign Repair Services in NJ

While lighted signs in NYC can certainly help companies find more customers, they are also vulnerable to a number of different types of wear and tear. Some common challenges that affect lightbox signs include:

  • Weather – Harsh winters and the type of rainfall we get here may damage the exterior of your lighted sign.
  • Vandalism – Lightbox signs are also notorious targets for spray paint and vandals, and can break easily if hit with any type of object.
  • Electronic Issues – Between the light bulbs, the wiring, and the transformer, your lighted sign may not be working properly for a reason rooted in electricity.

Just because your lighted sign still works doesn’t mean it couldn’t do with repairs. Many of our customers call us because damage made it visually unappealing and reflected poorly on their company.

Lighted Sign Repair in NY – Sometimes Within 24 Hours

The moment a lighted sign breaks down, it can cause problems for your business. That is why Metro Sign Services offers many services within 24 hours of receiving a customer’s phone call. We know that the longer you need to wait for your sign to be fixed, the more your company will suffer.

Once our technician makes their initial assessment, they’ll tell you about the problem and walk you through the solution. If they find that the sign is too damaged to be fixed, don’t worry. We also employ a team of designers who can create a new sign for you and have it installed. They can even design a brand new version if you’ve decided it’s time for something different.

At Metro Sign Services, our number one priority is customer satisfaction, which is why we make sure anyone who calls us receives support as quickly as possible. If you’d like this level of service to repair your lighted sign in NYC, call 718-476-1900.

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Metro Signs is a great sign repairing company in NYC. There has never been a time where the Metro Signs teams have not been more than helpful. They know how to repair Neon signs with in no time. Very Quick service they have I get repaired my sign in an Hour. Highly recommended.

- David Rob