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Our 24-hour sign repair company has been delivering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services since 1990 in NY.

Old Signage Removal and Repair Services Near Me

Most business owners in NYC view their signs as important assets for advertising their products or services to those who pass by. They take lots of time making sure the design for their sign is perfect and that is installed properly.

Still, at some point, you may find that a sign that has served you so well is no longer right for your company. When this happens, you need an experienced team to remove it from your property – one with the tools and expertise necessary to make sure it is taken down safely. If you need sign removal services in NYC, just call Metro Sign Services at 718-476-1900 and we’ll get out to your property as soon as we can.

Sign Removal Company in Brooklyn and NY – How It Works

Removing signs is a delicate process that should only be handled by trained professionals with years of experience. One wrong move and your building could be damaged or someone could get hurt.

We have experienced professionals who always treat safety as their main priority, and we have also earned a reputation in NYC for sign removal that is handled in a timely fashion. We understand that the sooner you have the outdated sign removed, the sooner you can install a new one and begin seeing better results.

Furthermore, our team knows how to remove all kinds of different signs. Over the years, we’ve removed:

Each one of these different signs requires something a bit different to be quickly and effectively removed from your property as soon as you need it taken down. We have a cherry picker available that allows us to quickly take your sign down as needed, as well as ladders and other supplies to take down signs both indoors and outdoors.

Our staff understands these intricacies and will even explain the removal process to you so you understand what it entails, and if your goal is to save your sign, we can make sure that it is kept in its best condition.

Sign removal, Replacement, and Installation in NY

Usually, when a customer calls us to have their sign removed, it’s because they want to replace it with something better. At Metro Sign Services, we have a team of professionals who can help you design the perfect version for your company’s unique needs. Just like with our removal services, we’ll replace it with a new one as quickly as possible.

If you need an old sign removed from your building, give us a call at 718-476-1900. We’ll send one of our staff members to your building as soon as we can to carry out an assessment and answer any questions you have.

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Customer Reviews

Metro Signs is a great sign repairing company in NYC. There has never been a time where the Metro Signs teams have not been more than helpful. They know how to repair Neon signs with in no time. Very Quick service they have I get repaired my sign in an Hour. Highly recommended.

- David Rob