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Our 24-hour sign repair company has been delivering reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services since 1990 in NY.

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A business in NYC with a high-quality sign can expect more customers. Signs don’t just help customers find where your company is located. An effective sign also communicates your brand and tells people about the products or services you provide. At Metro Sign Services, we’ve designed and installed signs for a number of businesses all over NYC, and we’re confident we can provide you with the sign repair services that you need.

 24-Hour Sign Repair Services in NYC

When a sign isn’t working properly, it could be costing you money. Until you get it fixed and back to normal, your business may be unable to attract customers and may quickly suffer. That’s why we offer many of our sign repair services within 24 hours of the customer request. As we know functioning signs are essential to your success, we can have a technician to your location within 24 hours of hearing from you, and in some cases repair the sign on the spot.

Sign Repair Services – Sign Repair in New York and New Jersey

We know all about the different types of signs New York City businesses use to promote themselves. Over the years, we’ve designed, installed, and repaired just about every version, including:

If you have a sign not listed above, but you need it repaired as soon as possible, feel free to give us a call. We can repair and restore signs of all materials, colors, and sizes, and we have the tools and machinery necessary for hard to reach signs, as well as electrical signs and much more.

Replacement and Maintenance Services in NYC

After the initial assessment of your sign, our technician may find that the damage may be too much to repair. It might be more affordable to simply replace the entire sign. Our team of expert designers can create an exact replica for your company. They can also work with you on coming up with a brand new approach, designing it, and installing it for your business.

Once your sign is repaired – or the new one is installed – we can offer ongoing maintenance services to make sure it’s always looking and working as it’s supposed to.

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Call us today at 718-476-1900 and within 24 hours, we’ll send someone to take a look at your sign and provide an assessment of what repairs will entail. Feel free to ask us any questions – it’s important to us that we keep our customers informed.

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Customer Reviews

Metro Signs is a great sign repairing company in NYC. There has never been a time where the Metro Signs teams have not been more than helpful. They know how to repair Neon signs with in no time. Very Quick service they have I get repaired my sign in an Hour. Highly recommended.

- David Rob