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Our 24 hour sign repair company NY has been delivering reliable, efficient and cost effective services since 1990.

Most companies in New York City go to great lengths to stand out from the competition. While there are more opportunities to do this than ever before, having a sign outside the building or leveraging a billboard elsewhere still remains a popular and effective method.

However, if your sign is damaged, it might actually become counterproductive. Passersby and potential customers may judge your company negatively because your sign is no longer impressive. In the case of a lighted sign, it may simply not work, meaning people don’t even notice your location.

Experts in NYC Sign Repair within 24 Hours

New York City is essentially built on signs. Signs are everywhere, from massive lighted signs in Times Square to the smaller signs placed inside and outside most buildings. These signs are there to attract attention to any type of NYC business, and when something happens to those signs, it can very quickly cause the company to lose customers and hurt its brand.

At Sign Repair NY, we appreciate the impact signs have on a business. That’s why we quickly respond to most sign repair in NYC as quickly as possible – sometimes within 24 hours. Based in Brooklyn, we are able to come to almost any location, and provide sign repair to every New York City neighborhood, including:

  • Manhattan
  • The Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Staten Island

Just let us know your address or the location of your sign. Before we begin any repairs, our technician will explain the problem to you, and walk you through what the process will entail. We always encourage our customers to ask questions too. Once repairs start, our technicians will work as quickly as possible so you don’t have to use a damaged sign for any longer than necessary.

Repair and Replacement Services for NYC Signs

Our staff is trained to handle any NYC sign repair need. We repair lighted signs, billboards, neon signs, awnings, and much more, addressing all types of common problems that cause your sign to no longer look its best. When the damage is so severe that repairs aren’t possible and it would make more sense to just replace the entire sign, we can provide that too, as we offer sign fabrication services that are ready to create a new sign as needed.

Whether your business is located in Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island, if you have a sign that needs repairs, you can always call NY Sign Repair at 718-476-1900 to have a friendly, experienced repairman at your location in 24 hours or less.

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Customer Reviews

Metro Signs is a great sign repairing company in NYC. There has never been a time where the Metro Signs teams have not been more than helpful. They know how to repair Neon signs with in no time. Very Quick service they have I get repaired my sign in an Hour. Highly recommended.

- David Rob